Sergio Frigerio

I was born in 1956. The life I lived so far, full of events, experiences and meetings in different places, led me to be what I am today.

I will probably publish some relevant events of my life in the future, which can offer a source of reflection to everybody.

Music has always been within me, and I’ve always considered it a highly intimate and private aspect. During the early stages of my life, as a young boy, I put in my “backpack” the music composition lessons of maestro Giuseppe Mariani (1899-1982). I remember him with great affection and esteem.

My desire to understand, led me to live any experience that life put in front of me. From rain forests to the “Big Apple”, from the pearl fisherman in eastern islands to people with religious and political powers, from the Pygmies to “city” men.

My backpack filled quickly with thousand other experiences until I became aware that we can only understand up to a certain extent and what we know is really nothing compared to what is unknown to us. My bibliography and my time are stored in that backpack. Music is an inalienable part of it.

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